Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Protect Your Dreams

The Latin word for “desire” means “from the Father.” One way to tell if a dream is really from God is that the desire won’t go away. You may have had it for years, but you still can’t let it go. In fact, you may have tried to let it go, but it won’t let go of you.
Joel and Victoria Osteen
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How to wear a Statement Necklace

So it has been established that statement jewelry is all the rage this season and is expected to be in for quite some time. And why not?  It's a great way to amp up an outfit, show off your personality...and make a statement!! The most the statement jewelry is the statement necklace.  But there is a right way to wear a statement necklace...and a very, very wrong way.  Below are some tips to pull of this look and seamlessly make your way into the cool crowd.

  • DO start with a simple outfit, then let your statement necklace do its thing.  The statement necklace is supposed to make a statement on its own, so dress to make it shine.   DON'T wear complicated necklines that will compete with the necklace.  The result will be an over-worked look.  You don't want to seem as if you're trying too hard! A suitable outfit would be a classic sheath dress with nude pumps. This is a look that can go to work and beyond.
Remember, when done right the bold necklace can crank up the volume on a simple outfit, on the flip side you will have a hot mess!
  • DO minimize the rest of your jewelry.  DON'T ever pair your statement necklace with other large items that will add bulk to the overall look.  Remember as ladies, we always try to avoid bulk ;-) So again keep it simple, and that includes your hair.  Big hair with a big necklace is a disaster that has already happened! 

  • Do stick with neutral solids.  There shouldn't be competition between your clothes and your necklace.  DON'T go with prints or florals over basic colors unless the color of the necklace compliment other like a gold necklace against an green top.

If you follow these basic tips, you should have no problem making a statement.  When it comes to fashion one of the most important piece of an outfit is the jewelry that you wear. Necklaces are a big part of accessorizing and a necklace can truly make or break an outfit.  A statement necklace is one of the best ways to break a fashion funk and add spice to a flat outfit.  Thanks for reading! Please visit my online store for a unique, handmade statement necklace.  *50% off on featured items.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

What's HAUTE for Fall/Winter 2010!!??

Handmade jewelry trends for winter 2010 are bold and commanding with an eclectic and bohemian look. In style are large cuff bracelets, focal point necklaces, long multistrand necklaces, big hoop earrings, chandelier earrings and cocktail rings with huge stones. Popular winter colors include black, coral, yellow, chocolate brown and shades of blue, green, purple and pink, according to the Color Association of the United States in its annual color forecast for fall and winter. In-demand stones are pearls, crystals, quartz, simulated colored diamonds, and chunky polished, natural stones.

The Statement Necklace
Statement necklaces feature big rocks and stones, metal designs, metal beads, even feathers, yarn and fabric. These eye-catching pieces can also have multiple strands of various lengths and mix-and-match large and small beads, stones, and chain. Celebrity red-carpet fashions set trends--this extends to jewelry. Get your own statement necklace like the Cleef and Arpels turquoise collar worn by actress Eva Mendes at the 2009 Golden Globes. The photograph appears in "InStyle" magazine's online coverage of the annual awards ceremony.  Below is a similar one from Carol Rose Designs...for a fraction of the cost.

If you could sum up the trend in neckwear for the upcoming winter season, it would be statement necklace . Statement necklaces are huge in fashion jewelry right now,the necklaces for this season have come out of hiding. If you love jewelry, this is the year to express yourself with your own statement making necklace piece.
Adding a Statement Necklace can make almost any outfit pop instantly. Jessica Alba, Whitney Port and Vanessa Hudgens are just some celebs that are a fan of the look. When wearing a bold necklace just be sure to keep the rest of your jewelry simple so it doesn't take away from your fabulous necklace.

Just as you can hear from the name, the "Statement Necklace" is designed to make a serious statement. It has to be big, edgy and reflect your personal style. It shouldn’t be in real gold, it’s almost nicer when it’s fake. Let the piece around your neck do the talk and leave your outfit in the background when wearing a big necklace.

While each decade is known for signature “styles,” from the 60’s mini dress to the 80’s power suit, could the 2010’s be defined by the Statement Necklace? While we work our way through the current economic lull, take advantage of your right brain by transforming what’s already in your closet: a tee and jeans can go from running errands during the day to running the nightclub dance floor at night with the simple addition of a statement necklace!

There's no better way to add style and elegance to an outfit. Eye catching jewelry can give an outfit that extra edge and turn it in fabulous. Whether you're going to an evening party or simply enjoying a casual afternoon, jewelry is an important part of your overall look. As with clothing, jewelry trends come and go. The necklace or earrings style that's hot one year can look outdated the next. That's why it's a good idea to reassess your jewelry on a seasonal basis and fill in the gaps with some trendy new styles.
Visit my online shop for more "in your face" necklaces.  These are best worn with simple clothing as all eyes will be drawn to your neck. Put away your small, demure chains and think big, bold, and eye catching when it comes to necklaces.  Happy Fashion!

Buying Handmade Jewelry

Why handmade products?
There are so many reasons why it's better to buy handmade products than items that have been mass produced.  I think the biggest one is that they are unique.  If you have your own sense of style and like to stand out, then you can understand this on a basic level.  Have you ever gotten super excited about a incredibly hot, breathtaking dress that you bought for a special occasion? You could barely wait to put it on.  You took time selecting the perfect accessories, styling your hair and let's not forget makeup...only to show up at the event and see someone else in that same incredibly hot, breathtaking dress!!!! Grrr, the nerve of that b@tch! But don't get mad, she's only one of thousands of women who have that same incredibly hot breathtaking dress that you thought was made only for you! Handmade products on the other hand are original, unique and often one-of-a-kind designs.  I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear my designs, and the pride that brims over, knowing that I will be the only one wearing it. It's worth more than I could ever afford to pay.
Most makers of handmade products accept custom orders so buying handmade items is like having your own personal stylist.  At times you get to tell the designer the colors, length or material you want the product made with.  And if you're really lucky, the designer will agree to never make the same item for anyone else. WHAT!? Yes, all you have to do is ask :)
Another reason most people prefer handmade products is that the quality is usually much higher because of the heart, attention and care put into the process.  When I set out to make a piece, it's like a meditative, therapeutic process for me.  I eliminate all negative energy because I focus all that is pure and positive into the piece...I really do think happy thoughts when I make them lol!  I put on some nice music and I let the energy flow and at the end I feel as if I have given birth.  There may have been some pain along the way - maybe I cut myself trying to tighten a link, or I glued my fingers together and had to pry them apart or maybe I momentarily got stuck figuring out how to finish the piece- but at the end, when I look at the finished piece, I can only imagine that it's a percentage of what a mother feels looking at her newborn baby.
I love doing what I do, and when people support the makers of handmade items, they are helping someone carry out what they love to do.  I can't count the number of friends and associates I have that are genuinely sick of their JOBS.  It's obvious that only a few people can count themselves blessed to be able to do what they love doing and make a living from it.  It isn't easy though!  The looooong hours, that turn into looong days.  Toiling over a project, sweat, tears and sometimes blood! (Like I said, I tend to hurt myself a lot lol)  But, in the end it is so worth it.  I would rather spend all day doing something I love to do, than one hour stuck making someone else rich.
This is why as my customer and supporter, you are important to me.  I appreciate the love and support from you.  I see you as an individual, with a name. I know you.  You are not a number, a part of a demographic or statistic to be tested and evaluated based on your likes and dislikes or shopping habits.  I want to give you the personalized, friendly customer service that you deserve.  I want to make my designs for you, your style and your budget.

On behalf of all the independent artists all over the world, thank you for supporting.

Getting Started

Hi! Yay, my first blog two years.  Today feels like a rebirth for me.  I just launched my new line of statement necklaces and they are available on ETSY.  I've been getting a lot of good reviews and it just fills my heart.  No sales as yet! But that will come, I have faith.  I put my heart into each piece and I know the Universe will reward my efforts.  I will keep you guys updated on the journey! Thanks for the support everyone, I appreciate it more than you can ever know.