Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How to wear a Statement Necklace

So it has been established that statement jewelry is all the rage this season and is expected to be in for quite some time. And why not?  It's a great way to amp up an outfit, show off your personality...and make a statement!! The most the statement jewelry is the statement necklace.  But there is a right way to wear a statement necklace...and a very, very wrong way.  Below are some tips to pull of this look and seamlessly make your way into the cool crowd.

  • DO start with a simple outfit, then let your statement necklace do its thing.  The statement necklace is supposed to make a statement on its own, so dress to make it shine.   DON'T wear complicated necklines that will compete with the necklace.  The result will be an over-worked look.  You don't want to seem as if you're trying too hard! A suitable outfit would be a classic sheath dress with nude pumps. This is a look that can go to work and beyond.
Remember, when done right the bold necklace can crank up the volume on a simple outfit, on the flip side you will have a hot mess!
  • DO minimize the rest of your jewelry.  DON'T ever pair your statement necklace with other large items that will add bulk to the overall look.  Remember as ladies, we always try to avoid bulk ;-) So again keep it simple, and that includes your hair.  Big hair with a big necklace is a disaster that has already happened! 

  • Do stick with neutral solids.  There shouldn't be competition between your clothes and your necklace.  DON'T go with prints or florals over basic colors unless the color of the necklace compliment other like a gold necklace against an green top.

If you follow these basic tips, you should have no problem making a statement.  When it comes to fashion one of the most important piece of an outfit is the jewelry that you wear. Necklaces are a big part of accessorizing and a necklace can truly make or break an outfit.  A statement necklace is one of the best ways to break a fashion funk and add spice to a flat outfit.  Thanks for reading! Please visit my online store for a unique, handmade statement necklace.  *50% off on featured items.

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