Monday, October 4, 2010


What inspires you the most?  Do you get inspiration intrinsically or extrinsically? 
On such a rainy, cold day like today, I think of my inspiration.  I think of the sunny days of a childhood long gone.  I think of the warm beaches drizzled with white sand.  I remember how I longed to dance like the trees and shine like the stars.  I remember how I made friends with the wind and sang with the birds.
I remember the flowers that would tell me stories and the grass that would sometimes be my pillow, if only for a moment.   I remember the days when we played together in the rain.  I remember the knowledge you imparted and the courage you gave.  I remember the security of just knowing your name.  But then, I remember the pain.  The pain that surely came the moment you left.  The pain that fought to over shadow the joy that once was.   I remember wanting to feel nothing.  I remember emptiness and defeat.  And then I remember, remembering why I was here.  I remember knowing that there was more to my world, still undiscovered, still unknown. I remember knowing it was waiting for me. I remember leaving the known behind and bravely embarking alone, but never alone.  I remember rediscovering what once was.  I remember the first time I remembered that I could still smile.  I remember getting up, reaching out, growing.  I remember that it was only yesterday.   I remember, I remember...because to to lose myself.


  1. Love your blog Raquel. Keep up the great work. You are definitely an inspiring and independent woman! <3