Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Coral is hotter than HAUTE!

Imagine this: you're on an island in the South Pacific. The ocean that laps at the beach is so silky warm you can bathe in it. You swim far out and when you look down, the water is so clear you can still see the ocean floor. Bright yellow and blue fish swim around you. You have never felt so alive! That's the world of coral.
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Coral is a tentacled skeletal creature with microscopic plants living inside its soft tissues. When it reproduces, the new life forms remain attached to their "parents," building reefs and atolls-a polyp living in clear, warm seawater. At the same time the plants go on living inside them and drawing sustenance from the sunlight.
It's hard to believe but in its natural form, coral is dull. Polishing gives it that glassy luster. It is found in a variety of colors, but the deep, noble red is the most highly valued. You can never go wrong adding with adding a red coral piece to your collection.  You can be certain coral will carry the vibrant life of the South Pacific to your wardrobe.

Coral's greatest spiritual value is that it is like a wise teacher. It teaches us to value life and our place in it. It shows us the importance of living so that we make the world a good place for the children and grandchildren that follow. A beautiful symbol of the importance of creatures and plants living harmoniously together.
Quoted from the Spiritual Guides: "Those who wear red coral will be brave and defeat their enemies. Red coral helps defeat mental depression, and it protects women from widowhood. Red coral protects the wearer from evil spirits and curses, and stops nightmares. It aids meditation and brings happiness. Red coral can help one avoid violence and war. Coral turns inactive persons into active ones, helps build finances, increases determination, courage, physical strength, vitality, and leadership qualities, and helps one to finish the tasks he has begun. It can also help increase sexual desire. Red coral is said to change color if the wearer is about to suffer bad health."

Care of coral jewelry

Corals will get damaged if immersed in water for too long. The water may also dull the polish of the coral making it look lackluster and unattractive.

  • Ensure that coral jewelry is stored separately in pouches so that they do not get scratched.
  • Refrain from using harsh cosmetics or sprays along with coral jewelry as they can damage the gemstones.
  • Clean coral jewelry with a soft damp cloth.

Wearing Red Coral Jewelry

Red corals or Corallium Japonicum have been around for centuries. They are highly treasured gemstones and red coral jewelry is extremely popular since the hardness and beautiful hue of the red coral holds everyone in its spell.

Incite: Red Coral Statement Necklace from Carol Rose Designs

The natural red of coral accents and underscores your own beauty without being overbearing, and it looks awesome with almost everything you wear.  It is perfect for a day in the office but also looks great for a night out.

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